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How to Attract Chinese Travellers After China Border Reopening?

It has been almost half a year after China reopening the border for tourism activities, we've observed the resumption of international travels and the gradual reinstatement of pre-pandemic travel policies. With the influx of Chinese travellers, it's crucial for brands to establish a strong presence in China. However, China [...]

2024-01-03T12:49:57+08:0019th July, 2023|China eCommerce, Marketing Trend, RED, WeChat|

4 Channels to Supercharge Your B2B Marketing in China After Covid

Given the distinctive digital scenario of China, B2B marketing in China has presented challenges for international firms, not to mention the evolving marketing landscape in the post-COVID world. With a wide selection of social media platforms and tools available in China, here’s a lowdown on the main B2B channels [...]

2024-05-06T14:11:49+08:0024th August, 2021|Marketing Trend, WeChat|
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