Word-of-Mouth and Influencer Marketing

In the dynamic China marketing landscape, influencers are essential for brands to achieve swift growth on brand awareness and gain prompt recognition. With the rise of social media and digital influence, bloggers’ opinions could shape potential consumers’ perspectives, influence their purchasing decisions, and even drive social trends. However, as the ecosystem evolves at high speed with a variety of influencer options, brands face challenges in choosing and finding the right influencers. INITSOC assists in identifying the uniqueness of different bloggers to come up with a corresponding selection strategy based on brand needs and goals.

What is KOL, MI, and KOC? 


How to Choose the Right Influencers? 

A mixture of KOL/ MI/ KOC is carefully selected based on numerous factors, such as brand positioning, target audience and product features. It is also important to consider some basic factors like the engagement performance, post quantity and professionalism on delivering promotional content. We also prioritize influencers with stable engagement figures and positive personal image, to ensure consistency and alignment with the brand image for short-term or even long-term collaboration, hence keeping an eye on influencers’ reputation on social media is very important.

Strategically Increase Exposure on China Social Media

In addition to co-creating quality content with bloggers, optimal posting times and advertising are essential to reach maximum attention and exposure, further increasing the promotional post traffic. We flexibly adopt high search volume keywords, themed hashtags and avoid sensitive terms that may lead to traffic restriction. Through regular monitoring and data analysis, we locate effective content and strategy for optimization, continuously enhance brand exposure in the China market.


Official Collaboration Platforms


Xiaohongshu (known as RED or Little Red Book) discourages promotional intent in regular content. As an official agency of PGY (蒲公英), the official Xiaohongshu system to collaborate with influencers, we could effectively find suitable bloggers and initiate these commercial collaborations, which implies declaration of promotional content with Xiaohongshu, reducing the risk of traffic restriction. An additional note, only official collaboration through PGY is allowed to place advertisements via Xiaohongshu Aurora (Click to know more about different advertising type in Xiaohongshu).

Similarly, Douyin and WeChat also have Xingtu (星圖) or Huxuan (互選平台) system for us to locate the right influencers for collaboration, allowing us to help our brands to increase exposure through advertising under official collaboration.

Efficiently build brand reputation and explore suitable influencer solution in China.