What is Meituan Dianping? 

Meituan Dianping, also known as Dianping, is a well-known platform in China that has become an essential companion for mainland Chinese tourists. It provides comprehensive information across various tourist-related industries, such as dining, entertainment and shopping, with dedicated pages for each city. With over 50% of mainland Chinese tourists relying on Dianping’s user ratings and reviews before embarking on their journeys, while the monthly views of Hong Kong and Macau district homepages exceeded 46 million, its influence on travelers is undeniable. 

Create an Engaging “Digital Storefront” for Travelers 

Partner with INITSOC to establish a compelling brand presence on Dianping. We’ll help you set up an official brand profile with detailed store information and brand story, leaving a lasting impression on Chinese tourists. For larger enterprises, we can create a brand zone that showcases all the locations and professionalism of your company. 


Enhance Exposure with Strategic Advertising  

Leverage Dianping’s powerful advertising options to increase your brand’s visibility. Our team specializes in choosing CPC/CPT/CPM advertisements according to target markets and audiences. By closely monitoring the effectiveness of your ad campaigns using advanced data analysis techniques, we ensure maximum impact and results. Apart from directing traffic to your Premium POI, we can also connect users to your official websites or WeChat mini programs, enhancing brand recognition and awareness. 


Elevate Your Brand with Effective Reputation Marketing 

Harness the power of collaboration with KOC to cultivate positive reviews on your POI, driving growth and building credibility. Through engaging topic pages, we can increase discussion volume with unique hashtags, expand content reach and elevate your brand’s exposure within the Dianping community.


Attract Visitors with Compelling Discounts and Promotions

By utilizing Dianping’s features, such as distributing enticing coupons, you can significantly increase the likelihood of visitors choosing your brand and boost both online and offline sales. We’ll leverage the traffic generated from coupon pages to further expand your brand’s reach. Additionally, our experts can assist you in identifying suitable festive promotional events, giving your brand increased exposure. 




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