With the rise of sharing economy and innovations in sectors such as food delivery, group buying, payment systems, transportation, and tourism, new lifestyles have emerged in the digital world, leading to the rapid growth of life service platforms.

How to Increase Exposure in the China Market with Life Service Platforms

1. Establish an Official Storefront

Besides building up brand image with official information and campaign promotions, users can also check the reviews from other travellers to gain insights about your brand. Leveraging the influence of KOLs/KOCs can help introduce brand highlights and unique features. Corporations or large enterprises can consider setting up brand zone to consolidate their brands in one interface, increasing overall awareness.


2. Implement Advertising Strategies

Advertising in life service platforms requires careful consideration of the target audience. Platforms like Dianping have divided targeting into overseas and domestic sections, with significant differences in placement display spots, bidding methods and costs. Offering exclusive platform discounts, like additional offers or coupons, can enhance your brand’s appeal. Actively participating in platform festive marketing events can generate significant exposure.

3. Brand Topic Page and Authentic Reviews

Creating brand topic pages can further expand your reach and create new trends. Together with KOCs marketing, making the brand stands out in the platform with positive reviews and comments.


These are effective ways to promote your brand using life service platforms. Contact INITSOC, the expert in mainland China online marketing, to find your best-fit marketing solutions. We can help develop a comprehensive brand promotion strategy tailored to your brand and assist businesses of all sizes, seeking various digital channels to reach a wider customer base and open door to the Chinese market!