We are thrilled to announce that Hang Lung’s e-Privilege system has been awarded the “Best Use of Social Media Strategy” Gold Award, the “Best CRM Strategy” Silver Award and the “Best Use of Technology” Bronze Award in Marketing Magazine’s Loyalty and Engagement Awards 2020!

With around a year of system planning and development, the Hang Lung e-Privilege system, Hong Kong’s first Coupon Management System powered by Social CRM, was launched in 2019. This represents a major breakthrough in MarTech innovations, as the new system seamlessly integrates social media in Hong Kong and China to allow centralised data analysis and precise retargeting. The Hang Lung e-Privilege system has successfully become a day-to-day partner for shoppers by providing information and reminders that are most fitting at the right times through the right social channels.

INITSOC will continue to explore the possibilities in MarTech and social media to provide the best innovative marketing strategies for our partners!